How to force Offline Address Book (OAB) synchronization in Exchange Server 2010

For some reason, the Global Address List (GAL) and/or Offline Address Book (OAB) generation may stop generating every once in a while.  When this happens, folks using the Microsoft Outlook client connecting to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server in “cached mode” will not be able view new entries added to the Global Address List (GAL). You can force the Offline Address Book build and synchronization using the following instructions.

The errors you will see on the Exchange Mail Servers are:

Event = 9330
Source = MSExchangeSA

OABGen encountered error 80040115 (internal ID 50004b0) accessing Active Directory <server> for ”. – \Default Global Address Book
Event = 9334
Source = MSExchangeSA
OABGen encountered error 80040115 while initializing the offline address book generation process. No offline address books have been generated. Check the event log for more information. – \Default Global Address Book

Follow the steps below to force the generation and synchronization of the Exchange 2010 Offline Address Book (OAB).

Rebuild(update) OAB from Exchange Server
Expand Microsoft Exchange On-Premises
Expand Organization Configuration
Select Mailbox
Select Offline Address Book tab
Right-click the active Offline Address Book (Default OAB = True) and select Update
Wait a few minutes and then open the Event Log Viewer and look for the following event:
Event 9107
Source = MSExchangeSA
General = Offline Address Book Generation finished

Distribute the OAB to your CAS servers
Restart MSExchange Address Book Service on your Client Access Server/s (CAS)
Restart File Distribution Service on your Client Access Server/s (CAS)

* Note – if you have more than one CAS server, you will need to do this on all of them.

Download the Offline Address Book (OAB) from your Outlook client
Open Outlook
Select Send/Receive tab
Select drop-drown from Send/Receive Groups
Select Download Address Book, the OK.


You should now be able to view the latest entries added to your Global Address List (GAL)

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