Windows Update Never Stops Checking for Updates

George Almeida

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I'm an Information Technology manager for a Fortune 500 company. I specialize in Windows operating systems, applications, servers, storage, networks and also have a technical background on the IBM iSeries platform. My only purpose for this blog is the hope that it helps someone, someday, somewhere. Any meager proceeds derived from our sponsors will be donated to charity.

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43 Comments on "Windows Update Never Stops Checking for Updates"

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Jimmy Lufré

This worked for me! Thanks a lot! I hadn’t even opened Windows Update again before a notification bubble popped up saying I have new updates available.

Ashley Sue Bullers

No such luck for me. I was hoping to avoid dealing with Microsoft support for hours, but after days of scouring the internet… it appears I will be doing just that. I thank you for sharing your method, though, and hope it continues to work for many other suffering Windows users!

Daniel Creager

Wow, this actually worked! After hours into tonight of scouring the internet (It’s currently 2:28 AM) I found this, and now I feel great! (And very, very sleepy.)

Ross B.

Greg, add me to the list of people you helped with this great tip! Thank you so very much!


The only solution that could get this working! Thankyou so much george! Updates installed!

Mike Vinson

Okay, George add me to the list of people you saved. 2 hours wasted trying other suggestions from returned Google links and no joy.

Mike Moore

I already had it checked,but I unchecked it and checked it and it worked. Windows is ridiculous. Thanks for posting this tip.

James H
What the What?? Helping a friend today figure out the root problem with his pc. Kept suggesting a Linux variant that would at least get him going, but couldn’t talk him into it. Reloaded Windows 7 which I knew was going to take forever as Windows does, and ran into this issue. First time I’d had the problem, other than the regular “try again” that often happens with updates. Ran across this tip in a google search and lo and behold it worked. Scrolled down, and realized “Hey…I work with this guy!!!” Good looking out George.. Thanks.. as usual, the… Read more »

Sweet! Worked for me. Thanks

Ernie B

Add me to the list of “worked for me”. After many hours of research, found your post which solved my problem in minutes.


Oh My Gosh!! This worked ive tried all the fixes, searched google for hours and the solution to my problem is so simple :p

Carl M.

Wow! That’s crazy. I tried everything I could find on the interweb. This trick started the updates immediately! Thank you


My windows update still hang on “Checking for Updates’ 🙁
No update symbol on my All Area Notification. Heeelllpppppp….

Alexia Emerson

Thanks! I’m not sure if it’s what made windows update work after a new install of 7 on a new build. I give you the credit anyway!
228 updates to go.


My God, after so much hours and days… and… just one “check the box”. You’re the Greatest 😉

Thanks a lot!


I had spent at least four hours trying every solution to no avail–even after restoring the system to factory defaults. I applied your fix and it was done. Thanks so much!


Hi i have received error code 0x8024402C 🙁 pls help


How do I get around the stuck update page? I force turn off the computer, then restart, but it just comes back to the update page.

So I can’t get to the control panel.


It worked for me too! Unbelievable! We need to send this link to Microsoft to make them ashamed. Thank you very much!



on my Vista Ultimate 32bit control panel there NOT Notification Area Icons.

Please amend the above solution.

Thanks in advance.

Vishal More


This is Vishal. We are facing a big issue currently on Windows server 2012, the Windows update is taking long to visit more than 36 hours. We have done all troubleshooting steps like below, but still no fix.

– Ran windows update troubleshooter.
– Ran sfc /scannow
– rename catroot2 and Softwaredistribution folder.
– reset windows update components.


Amazing, I have same exact issue on Server 2012, 4 fresh installs of VM’s, pulling my hair out.
The last one worked until I install roles and features before installing exchange 2010 SP3.
I have tried all the things you did and a bunch more, on 4 different fresh VM’s.