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So you want to create a blog within a blog huh? Wordpress is a GREAT blogging platform, perhaps the best available, especially for the price! It can do a whole lot of cool things and keeps getting better every year. But alas, one of the things that isn’t built into WP is the ability to create a blog within a blog. However, you can pretty much accomplish this goal by using a combination of Categories and a free plugin Ultimate Category Excluder. Following the step-by-step process below to create a blog within a blog in WordPress.

Before I continue, let me be clear about what I am referring to when I state that I want to “create a blog within a blog”. Let’s say I have a blog about a golf league. The main golf league blog home page should only display articles about the golf league events and nothing else. But now I want to have another blogger blog about various topics that may or may not have anything to do with golf such as humor, jokes, opinions, etc.  This new section is to be called “The Ninth Hole”. Furthermore, I definitely do not want these blog posts EVER to show up on my main front page of the golf blog. Finally, I want to make it VERY SIMPLE for The Ninth Hole blogger to post blogs anytime he wants. This is what I mean about creating a blog within a blog. If this is similar to what you were looking to do, please READ ON!

Step 1
Create a Category (“The Ninth Hole”)

Step 2
Download and install the free plugin called Ultimate Category Excluder. The reason you need this is so that you can easily exclude all blogs attached to “The Ninth Hole” category from showing up on your Main blog home page.

Step 3
Open the category excluder by selecting Settings within the WordPress Admin and then select Category Exlusion.

Step 4
Check the check box to EXCLUDE the category “The Ninth Hole” from your main page and select Update.

Step 5
All that is left to do is create a new Link for your sidebar or a new Menu item for your Top Navigation Menu.

Now I can have my newly appointed Ninth Hole blogger post as many blogs as he wants, AS LONG AS THEY CATEGORIZE THE BLOG POST TO THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY (in this case THE NINTH HOLE).

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