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geoHi, my name is George Almeida. I started working on computers in the mid-80s after realizing that I had an aptitude for computer technology after taking my very first computer course in high school. Ever since the Internet became popular and personal computers became common place in the majority of households, folks like me began helping family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors with their computers. Whether is was to recommend a PC, put it together for them, install software or configure their wireless network, I was always happy to do it.

The Internet is a powerful tool that has changed the way we live our lives and most folks know how to turn on a computer and surf the Internet for all kinds of information. But with all the good comes some bad. I’m referring to the viruses and malware that is running rampant all over the Internet infecting innocent folks’ computers like your parents, siblings, friends and neighbors. Some are harmless and some can be very destructive and even steal private information from your computer.

Hence the reason for this website. Computers have been good to me. It has allowed me to build a career, and provide for my wife and children. I have been wanting to do something that would allow me to give back to my community. What better way than to provide free information that will help and educate people when they have questions regarding their computers?

This site is targeted to folks who are less savvy when it comes to computers and all the issues that come along with owning one. It is not intended for experienced I.T. professionals looking for solutions to complex networking issues, there are plenty of great established sites providing that kind of information already. However, with that said, I will periodically post more advanced articles about Windows Server, Active Directory, Group Policies, etc., that may help other network adminstrators out there.

This site was launched in October, 2011 and then re-launched two years later on October 2013. Over the next several months/years hopefully we’ll have the time to add articles that will hopefully help someone with their computer. I have two goals for this website. The first goal is to provide various articles that will hopefully answer the questions people have regarding their computers. The second goal is certainly a stretch but if we can post enough relevant information, the hope is to generate a small amount of advertising revenue that would be donated to various charities. 

I’m doing this part-time, off hours. I dedicate this site to those of you who do not have a relative or friend in the computer field to call upon when you are looking for answers. Hopefully you’ll find them here. If not, leave a comment or question and I will try to answer it the best I can.

Thank you.

Sincerely, George Almeida, MCSE, PMP

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The need is for 7 “Windows 8.1 To Go”. We have the volume keys required since activation has to be done via KMS. However, we do not have the required KMS activation minimum of 25 computers.

    Question: Can you suggest a solution?
    Note: I notice that the windows server KMS has a activation minimum of 5! Would this provide a means of activating the 7 “Windows 8.1 To Go” flash drives?