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Download Streaming Videos

If you ever needed to download streaming videos from Internet sites, there is a pretty easy way to do it using VLC Player. VLC Player is free. So you’ll need to download and install...


Emoji showing as blank

After an update to the Messenger app on my wife’s Moto G4 Android phone, the emoticons stopped showing up on texts to other people. The emoji was missing from the text but they still...


Texting from your computer

Here is a quick little tip that really came in handy for me while on a trip overseas. Texting from your computer. Your first initial thought might be, why would I EVER want to...


Learn IP Subnetting in 15 Minutes

As I was cleaning out some old documentation of mine that I’ve collected over the years, I came across a documents that I wrote way back in 1999 on the topic of TCP/IP basics,...


Skype camera not working

I ran into a weird issue the other day. My daughter left for college and for the first time in 18 years, we weren’t able to see her in over a week. So I...


Why everyone should have Chromecast

There have been many great inventions since the Internet became commonplace in the 90’s but in my opinion one of the best for my money has to be Google’s Chromecast. I just assume in...