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Skype camera not working

I ran into a weird issue the other day. My daughter left for college and for the first time in 18 years, we weren’t able to see her in over a week. So I...


Part IV–Deploy Windows 8.1

Part IV – Cost benefit analysis, should you deploy Windows 8.1?
Well, we’re here. It’s time to test and pilot a few devices. So far we’ve demo’d a few devices; a Dell Venue 11, Microsoft...


Part III – Deploy Windows 8.1

Part III – Build Windows 8.1 Group Policy Objects
Welcome to Part III in our Deploy Windows 8.1 blog post series. Up until now, we’ve built an image, fixed it so we can connect our...


Part II – Deploy Windows 8.1

Part II – Using KMS to activate Windows 8.1 clients
Welcome to Part II in our Deploy Windows 8.1 blog post series. So far we have run into a few problems creating and joining our...


Part I – Deploy Windows 8.1

Part I – Building a Windows 8.1 Image
Part I of our Deploy Windows 8.1 series consists of building a W8.1 image on a computer. It doesn’t matter what the device is. For this example,...


Deploy Windows 8.1 in your corporation

Now that Microsoft has announced the long awaited successor to the much maligned Windows 8, are you preparing your corporation for Windows 8.1? I’ll admit, I don’t believe there will be a mad rush to...